Lauren Jackson aprofunda sua educação

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Lauren Jackson aprofunda sua educação

Mensagem em Sex Out 08, 2010 12:07 pm

Sim, sim, sim. Sei que essa notícia já saiu tem umas duas ou três semanas, mas eu esqueci de postá-la aqui.

Lauren Jackson não é apenas mais um rostinho sexy e bonito, por trás de todo aquele talento e amor ao basquetebol, a australiana tem se dedicado cada vez mais aos estudos e aos trabalhos sociais.

"I'm really enjoying it. I want to get into humanitarian work. Victims of sexual violence, especially in Africa, that's what I want to get involved in.

"I sponsor a woman in Rwanda who's got HIV, she was sexually abused pretty badly and had a kid and has no money and is completely ostracised by the community.

"There's so many women around Africa like that.

"Even in Australia domestic violence is a huge issue and I want to learn more about it and understand the concepts of inequality of gender and things we can do to fight it."

Jackson admits she "doesn't really have" a social life and wakes up every morning with considerable aches and pains from spending almost half her life as a professional athlete. (tal ídola, tal fan?)[tt_news]=1680&tx_ttnews[backPid]=283&cHash=4c4db432a0

Earlier this year, Jackson met Gloria Steinem, one of the driving forces behind the women's liberation movement that began in the 1960s. Jackson hopes to become a champion of women's rights herself after she's done playing basketball whenever that is.

"I need to have a background and information," Jackson said. "I definitely have mentors and people who can help me. With what I've been able to achieve in sport hopefully I can help people ... it would be great."

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