Top 5: Shot Blockers

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Top 5: Shot Blockers

Mensagem em Qua Out 27, 2010 11:10 am

2010's Top 5 Shot Blockers

1. Sylvia Fowles, Chicago Sky

GP - 34 MPG - 32 BLK (tot) - 88 PF (tot) - 75 BLKPG - 2.59 BLKP40M - 3.24 BLK/PF - 1.17

I dare you to try and find a better shot blocker than Sylvia Fowles in 2010. Big Syl's average of 2.59 blocks per game was nearly one entire block more per game than the second-place Tina Charles. Earlier in the season, Syl said she's playing smarter and even admitted that she can't block "everything." Maybe so, but the numbers might suggest that at least the 6-foot-6 center can block almost everything.

2. Tina Charles, Connecticut Sun

GP - 34 MPG - 31 BLK (tot) - 57 PF (tot) - 72 BLKPG - 1.68 BLKP40M - 2.16 BLK/PF - 0.79

Sometimes when a rookie is mixed in with a number of veterans, the tendency is to set her aside a bit and say something like, "not bad for a rookie." For Tina Charles, that's hardly the case. The rook finished second overall in blocks per game this past season, registering 1.68 per. Her tenacity in the paint was enough for nicknames like SPF 31 and Sun Block to start surfacing around these parts. But for a player like Charles who is much more accustomed to positioning and battling for a rebound than she is challenging every shot, this is likely an area of her game that will only continue to improve as she matures. And that, in case you were wondering, is a scary thing.

3. Tammy Sutton-Brown, Indiana Fever

GP - 34 MPG - 25.7 BLK (tot) - 55 PF (tot) - 90 BLKPG - 1.62 BLKP40M - 2.51 BLK/PF - 0.61

In a defensively sound system like that which exists in Indiana, Tammy Sutton-Brown led the way in swats, averaging 1.62 per game. Out of the Top 5 shot blockers this past season, Sutton-Brown registered the second-most fouls (90), but in her defense (get it?) the Fever did finish second overall in most fouls per game with a total of 705. Even still, TSB's total was nearly double that of the team's second-leading shot blocker, Tamika Catchings. That's nothing to take lightly.

4. Chante Black, Tulsa Shock

GP - 34 MPG - 20.9 BLK (tot) - 54 PF (tot) - 72 BLKPG - 1.59 BLKP40M - 3.03 BLK/PF - 0.75

Of the Top 5 included on this list, Chante Black registered the least amount of minutes at just about 21 minutes per game. That's to be expected in Tulsa's up-tempo defense that relies on a high frequency of subs and an all-out attack right from the inbound pass. Considering that and the fact Tulsa gave up the second most points in the league this past season (89.Cool, it's still impressive to see Black's name topping most of the league.

5. Lauren Diva Jackson, Seattle Storm

GP - 32 MPG - 31 BLK (tot) - 38 PF (tot) - 91 BLKPG -1.19 BLKP40M - 1.53 BLK/PF - 0.42

Did you really think you'd get past the Top 5 shot blockers and not see Lauren Jackson's name? Fact is, the 2010 MVP had the least total blocks out of the group but that is more a credit to her hybrid style of play than anything else. LJ doesn't always park in the paint and wait for the ball carrier to come to her. She'll take the ball to the perimeter just as easily as she will defend the drive, but there's no denying she's a force in the blocking department when she goes for the shot.

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